April 9th, 2014 §

i’ve had a wild year

June 7th, 2013 §

cycling is gettin real serious

thanks to strava (foursquare for bikes except actual competition and not who can go to the mall the most times) i am able to indulge my extremely competitive nature without having to enter races or whatever

i’ve been doing the lakeshore trail out to etobicoke and back (20k) two or three times a week. one time i ran into a dogg while i was resting after some sprints, and we went and did it again

so far my top speed’s been 55km/h and i’ve done some 45km/h segments, man that’s fast. it’s really fun to dramatically pass guys in spandex with $3000 road bikes while wearing jeans on my singlespeed

i started running into leg speed limits with my 42:16 singlespeed, so i switched the chainring and am now 48:16. as a result of this big jump and how accustomed i was to the original feel, i overdid things and started waking up with brutally murdered thighs every day so i’m taking the week off of hard rides and just biking to get places (also it’s raining bleugh)

anyway i like it

May 27th, 2013 §

May 12th, 2013 §

i think a life update for posterity is due: in early march i quit my job with apple of 2.5 years that started out fun but ended up making me more miserable than i’d ever been. it really is a cult. i quit in a very fun way (middle of the day, some theatrics, somewhat mean and very cathartic) and started a new job a couple days later.

i’m doing real IT stuff now and it’s a million times better. good coworkers, relaxing when i want it to be and challenging when i want it to be, and a cool environment – i get to do what i love (computers) while being around science all day.

i have some big plans for the summer: cottage trips, poker games, blowing stuff up in the woods, a music festival, and 2 weeks in sweden (i’ve never been overseas!). i’ve been dating a girl that is extremely cute and one of the most intelligent people i’ve ever met. i’m starting to become passable at fixing my bike and have been doing 20km+ rides every weekend. i’m sleeping more, drinking less, and cooking a lot. i got a nice new sound system and have been lying down and listening to albums all the way through. i’m really happy~~

May 12th, 2013 §

i have a mental construct that involves breaking off and eating a small piece from each of the cheeses in my fridge every day or two to keep them from getting mold on them

i have 5 of em going right now, most of them are enjoyable to eat but the feta’s a bit of a chore

January 31st, 2013 §

after months of feeling like garbage or nothing, i took a vacation where i only ate steak, grew a beard, and watched movies

now i’m walking to work in a mild snowstorm, listening to my favorite music, and i just watched a gust of wind knock a construction worker on his face

i rate my current happiness a 9 out of 10

January 28th, 2013 §

so you know eggs florentine

how about eggs quarantine

served in a glovebox with hermetically sealed boxes inside of it, one each for english muffin, poached egg, spinach, and hollandaise sauce

you have to make the decision to break the seal

it’s up to you

September 24th, 2012 §

i destroyed my arm (fractured/impacted olecranon) on august 17th

i went to the hospital on august 22nd

i had surgery (open reduction and internal fixation) on august 24th

and today, a month later, i have normal range of motion

from this we can deduce that i am superhuman

June 30th, 2012 §

farming more like protocooking

June 28th, 2012 §

i have just been way into movies lately! fun